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The Need for HR Analytics

HR departments have been collecting & generating a huge amount of employee and organization related data. Unfortunately, this data often remains unused.

Analyzing the current data to understand the organization distribution, employee behavior patterns, and organization level problems help you make a good strategy to shape your business.


Current Employee Demographics

Analyzing the current employee data to understand the organization distribution, employee behavior patterns, and organization level problems help you make a good strategy to shape your business

  • Strength and diversity of the workforce

  • Workforce composition with respect to gender, age group, and tenure

  • Segment and distribute the workforce population


New Recruits

On-boarding and orientation of new employees is something which is always done in each and every organization but is often not done well! Plan your on-boarding activity and resource allocation by knowing the New Recruitment details.

  • Shrink the total time for employees to get up to the speed

  • Manifests value for the organization in numerous ways

  • Make the assimilation process efficient


Hiring Stats

Dig into the data to identify the gap between hiring goal and desired resource pipeline by checking the number of new hiring done across various criteria’s such as designation and department, age group, experience range.

  • Identify the gap between hiring goal and desired resource pipeline

  • Overview of your organization’s talent pool

  • See where you are going in your recruitment efforts

  • Plan your on-boarding activity and resource allocation


Open Requirements

Optimize the overall recruitment process and identify the possible friction point by tracking overall open requirements and the advertisement channels on which the requirements are posted. 


  • Analyze the requirement distribution by Department, Experience Range, Location and Designation. 

  • Analyze a long time pending requirements

  • Decide the recruitment priorities 


Attrition Analysis

Find an overview of employee attrition data and identify the root cause of the issue by understanding the bifurcation of the employees who left by department and experience range.


  • Identify the root cause of the issue by understanding the bifurcation of the employees resigned

  • Visualize and analyze the shortfall in workforce satisfaction and retention related policies and strategies

  • Lower employee turnover by knowing the different reasons behind employees leaving the organization


Exit Analysis

Understand the combination of factors that drives attrition in the organization. Identify the root cause of the issue by understanding the patterns reflected in data from exit interviews


  • Analyze what makes people leave your organization

  • Find out any unethical practices going on and control it

  • Understand what people liked the most about their workplace

  • Gain insight into the solutions to address the problem


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